Daybi Millian

Daybi Millian says to continue to develop your skills and keep pursuing your dreams because one never knows when their opportunity will come.

Daybi Millian was in New York City broke and touring Time Square. He was bitter because he hadn’t gotten his break yet and on his stroll he saw people setting up for a Grammy party at Barney’s. He was stopped by one of the organizers and wasn’t allowed in until he name dropped one of his connections.

They let him in and gave him a wrist band. And that night he got to meet ODB(Ol’ Dirty Bastard), Sam Slavic and P Diddy. And that led to the right people spotting him.

“I mean, everything that I learned from that experience is basically what I've applied to where I'm at now,” said Millian.

He also contends if he hadn’t developed his skills he wouldn’t have been ready when the moment came. Millian says he’s lived in Grand Rapids, Winnipeg, Vancouver, California, Montreal and New York. And gained skills along the way.

He was a baby when he moved to Winnipeg but thats when he really got into music, in Grade 2 he started playing the drums and by 12 he started playing guitar. By the time he was in highschool he and his family were living in Vancouver and he really developed a love for hip hop.

“That in turn is where I ended up kind of becoming who I am, finding my identity within being creative, which I was very, very lucky,” said Millian.

He would attend audio engineering school and develop a love for talent like the  Lab Rats, Chemo, Roger Swan and the Funk Bastards, all crucial for his inspiration. When he went to Montreal he made his first sale as a producer when a music producer bought his beats on his floppy disk.

And he encourages everyone to tour Montreal because of the unique culture of the city. And as far as California it allowed him to develop connections in the music industry. He encourages everyone to pursue their goals.

“Whatever makes you feel good inside is what you should be doing, but don't hurt other people in the process, and just work hard. I am living proof that you can do it,” said Millian.

He also warns people not to party too hard, substance abuse and alcoholism can be problems in life and when people carry trauma they can try to fill the void with those things. Millian says he doesn’t want to pass judgement but rather encourage people to be their best selves.

“I'm just telling you that if you got a level head, you put in the work, and you do something for yourself every day, you're going to see results. You know, that's it,” said Millian.

Thanks to Oscar Baker III for authoring this article.

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