Angela Amarualik

Angela Amarualik is only getting started with her career, but it’s something that’s already showing promise.

Amarualik was born and raised in Igloolik, NU, and works as a singer/songwriter, playing the ukulele and singing in Inuktitut, and has been recording this summer working on her second album. She also previously worked at kids camps and summer camps.

Amarualik says she started singing when she was 7 years old and eventually went to an entrepreneurship program to learn more about businesses and that’s what made her start really thinking about what she wanted to do.

“I like sewing and I like making mitts and earrings, but my main profession would be an entertainer or performer,” said Amarualik.

Her education journey has had a few bumps along the road, but is something she is actively working on to complete.

In grade 10, Amarualik started recording and travelling for her work but in the process ended up failing most of her classes.

Having to come back to school two years later, Amarualik is currently still working on completing her education and says she used to cry a lot because she chose music over education.

But even though she hasn’t finished, she’s glad for the people that understand why.

“I’m glad my principal understands that I have other things to do. And my parents support me even if I’m not doing well in school. But the people I look up to tell me that at least I’m going back to school,” said Amarualik.

And if there were anything she could tell students thinking of leaving their community it would be to finish school first, something that she wishes she had done.

Illustration by Kale Sheppard

“I encourage them to ask for help if they’re struggling with math or maybe Inuktitut. Any class. It’s okay to ask for help. Don’t be ashamed to be not smart enough,” said Amarualik.

School is just one of the obstacles that Amarualik has faced, with the other one being her shyness and says she had to work really hard to step up for what she wanted.

“It’s tough. It felt like that it’s never going to end, that I’m always going to be behind the wall, but I had to work hard for that,” said Amarualik.

She says growing up in a small town was very rewarding, and says “everyone” is almost shy like herself as well because they “don’t have a lot of social interaction.”

And when it comes to having a message for her younger self, she wishes somebody had told her that being shy won’t do anything for you.

“I’m still shy today, but it’s so much better than before. Like even last year, and being able to talk in front of people was my dream and I’m slowly getting there and I wish someone told me I should always go for what I want,” said Amarualik.

Thanks to Jasmine Kabatay for authoring this article.

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