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Video interviews with inspiring First Nations, Metis, and Inuit role models who share their knowledge and experience with youth.
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Browse our 500+ interviews with First Nations, Métis and Inuit role models by Career or Community! Our platform also allows you to search interviews by community, enabling you to explore stories from local connections to gain a deeper understanding of their unique perspectives and contributions.

Discover innovative fields, and gain invaluable advice as these Indigenous professionals share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Start your journey of discovery today and be inspired by the diverse perspectives and pathways.
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Extend the learning into the classroom with the Future Pathways Fireside Chats Teacher Guide. Lesson plans are curriculum-aligned and engage students by exploring careers of inspiring Indigenous leaders, incorporating authentic learning experiences to increase understanding of their potential future pathways.

Lesson plans celebrate Indigenous ways of Knowing, Doing and Being to instil cultural pride and connection through respectful dialogue, learning from local Elders/Knowledge keepers, land-based learning, storytelling, and community service projects. 
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You can help amplify Indigenous voices in your community. Know an inspiring Indigenous role model? Nominate them for an interview on our platform to share their insights and experiences.

Your recommendations highlight diverse perspectives and achievements within Indigenous communities. Share interview highlights, quotes, and key takeaways on social media. Tag us @fp.firesidechats to join the conversation and connect with others passionate about uplifting Indigenous voices!
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About Fireside Chats
The Future Pathways Fireside Chats video series features Indigenous Role Models from various careers and communities speaking about their educational and experiential learning journeys. These interviews provide hope for the future, talking about how to handle uncertainty in their lives and careers, and how they balance and maintain well-being.

Themes of addressing uncertainty, hope for the future, and well-being offer insights on how youth can thrive as individuals while simultaneously building skills and competencies to navigate a world of uncertainty and volatility.
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Fred Deneyoua
's Story >
First Nations
Northwest Territories
Business & Entrepreneurship

Fred Deneyoua

Warm for the Winter: Fred Deneyoua's Wood Cutting Business Stokes Local Employment

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Explore these featured Fireside Chats and the learning and career journeys being shared!
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Pathfinders Circle
Join host Ashley Richard as she reconnects with past Fireside Chats interviewees to get updates on their journeys, lessons learned, and latest accomplishments since their original interviews! We'll be releasing a new episode each month.

Episode One: Diane Roussin and Janelle Desrosiers (June 2024)

We check in with Diane Roussin and Janelle Desrosiers to find out how their journeys have continued since they were first interviewed for Future Pathways Fireside Chats!
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