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Featured Fireside Chats: Nunavut Day

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Ashley Komangaapik Rose Cummings

Yukon Territory
Community Development

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niigaan sinclair
"If you're able to then spend that little bit of energy to try to make this world a better place and to help make the path easier for those who are coming, you will leave a legacy that you don't even know about."
senator yvonne boyer
"If you've got something that you're worried about, a big decision to make, write it out on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow and ask the ancestors and say a prayer. When you wake up in the morning, you're going to have those answers."
ashley komangaapik rose
"Just [find] that one thing to put your emotions into and to be able to have as an outlet. I know a lot of folks that unfortunately
got caught up in the unhealthy cycle that can happen just by not having people to talk to, or feeling reluctant to talk to people."