Jill Setah

Ɂabenaneŝ gweẑlin-Good Morning

Sid Jill Setah sets’edinh.

My name is Jill Setah.

Sid Yunesit'in xaghiyah. 

I come from Yunesit'in Government.

Sid Westbank First Nation Land in BC ŝidah as.

I currently reside on Westbank First Nation Land. 

"I'd like to acknowledge that I work and reside on the traditional and unceded territory of the Westbank First Nation syilx people. I recognize, honor and respect the presence of Westbank First Nation people, past, present, and future.” I fully understand that I am a guest in this territory. 

SeɁintsi beghuzi Howie George Setah (ily) an. 

My grandpa's name was Howie George Setah.

SeɁintsu beghuzi Mini Setah (ily) an. 

My grandmas name was Mini Setah. 

SeɁaba beghuzi Louis August an. 

My dad's name is Louis August. 

SeɁinkwel beghuzi Norah Setah (ily) an.

My moms name was Norah Setah. 

Born in Oliver, BC Canada on February 11, to Residential School Survivors Norah Setah (ily) deceased from the Yunesit’in Government, and Father Louis August of Neskonlith Indian Band of Chase, BC. Jill Setah is 1 of 6 children.  Since birth Jill has been a registered member of the Yunesit’in Government. The Yunesit’in Government also known by the original placename ‘Gex Nats’inilht’ih’, is a reference to where rabbits were hunted. Yunesit’in Government is one of the six communities within the Tsilhqot’in Nation of the interior of BC, Canada. 

Jill Setah is a mother of 4 beautiful Tsilhqot’in’/syilx children and married traditionally to her husband Randy Weatherbee.  As a young girl Jill danced the pow-wow trail as a jingle dress dancer, Jill remembers the happiness and joy she felt as a young dancer traveling to pow-wows and indulging in her Indigenous culture and knew this is the life she wanted to raise her kids in. However, Jill’s life has not been easy. Jill’s love for fashion started when her son needed a grass dance regila for an upcoming pow-wow in Penticton, BC. This is when Jill’s eye for detail comes into place from viewing other regila’s and creating one from memory. Jill had hand-sewn her son’s first junior boys grass dance regila. 

This pursued Jill to further her education in Fashion in the summer of 2010. Jill attended The Center for Arts & Technology’s, Fashion Design and Merchandising Program which was a 2-year course, and Graduated with a diploma in 2012. And since has shown many collections in New York City, Los Angeles California, Paris, Vancouver, and as recently as London England, UK, along with other small Indigenous community fashion shows!

sechanalyagh-thank you, nanenuŵesʔin-I will see you again.

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    September 21, 2022
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