Paul Napash

Paul Napash (professionally known as PaulStar) hails from Chisasibi and Waskaganish, both located in Northern Quebec. He is a multi-instrumentalist, artist, lifelong musician, nominated producer, engineer and CEO/manager of his label Meikin Records/PaulStar Entertainment based in Ottawa (Nation’s capital). He’s done work for InPath/N’we Jinan arts concentration program “Mikw Chyam” where he was lucky enough to teach music production at Ecole Wiinikuu School in his hometown Waskaganish, while he was stuck at home during the covid lockdown. Thankfully, TakingITGlobal sponsored his new MacBook to use for his awesome music projects/videos and live streams. He produced/co-produced with CJAY GRiZ for Melody McArthur’s smashing hit single “Unceded” which went to #1 on National Indigenous Music Countdown (IMC) and he also produced Queen on her album “Kizmet”, he also produced Violent Ground’s new single Meant For More feat. Melody McArthur. More collaborations to come! 

His label has grown 3x since he first rebranded from PaulStar Entertainment In March 2021. Despite being nominated for “Producer of the Year” at The International Indigenous Hip Hip Awards Show (IIHAS 2021), and signed to Beatstars/ Sony ATV publishing administration deal. Everything went snowballing, he’s getting gigs and performing weekly at open mic nights at the Lafayette and Live on Elgin. 

As a result, at the beginning of his label creation, he only had 5 artists including himself to having 16 artists, more artists are interested every day. This bio will change frequently and highlight new upcoming projects.

Currently working with Miami-based R&B artist NwClr (formerly known as Smoove) who was signed to East West Records/Atlantic Records back in the 90s, amazingly two singles went on Billboard charts, his single “Back at the Ranch” peaked at #39 and “All About Her” climbed at #25 in the top 100. So now that he’s relaunching his music career again, Napash is glad to be part of this movement. He started working with him and his business partner R.H, who’s a manager where they met online in May 2022 during the Mother’s Day weekend, especially on Linkedin where Paul has the most connections.

PaulStar’s album “Bring It All Together” is nearly finished, he just needs a few more solid tracks. There will be two versions of the album, same album cover but in different color which will be more focused towards old and modern hip hop/pop vibes. “I don’t want to rush this project, quality over quantity” says Napash.

To check out Meikin Records, please visit

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